Made in France since 2001
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Acrystal Prima
Suitable for the majority of cases - Can receive fillers
Increases pot life
Acrystal Optima
Thicken the mixture without reducing the "pot life"
Reserved for molding
Acrystal Aqua
Acrystal Finition
For prolonged contact with water
Protect and patinate Acrystal objects
Glass fabric 200-4D
Acrystal Decor Metal
Reinforcement fiber particularly suitable for Acrystal and deformable in 3D
Very realistic "metal" aspects
Acrystal Decor Carrara
A base for the "stone" aspects
Breaks up lumps - Limits the incorporation of air
The "most" Acrystal
Gyps Plus
An additive to alpha plaster
Acrystal performance at a low price